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This month in STUDS

  • Lots coming out of the Boardroom: reorganisation, cooperation Sportpark West and the Pilot Inclusion
  • DIOK turned 50. And they gave us a treat!
  • Thank you's for our ARCAID & other sponsors
  • Would you like a dope storm umbrella too?
  • TBM: interview with Theyl, a new MINI
  • #FocusOnRugby: Concussion Training, Safe Sport climate (video), Samantha our forwards coach

We are well under way with the distribution of the ARCARD, the new contactless payment card for club members. We are getting a lot of positive feedback, especially from youth parents, as it means that their son or daughter always has 'money' in their pocket without their dad's or mum's PIN card. However, not everyone has picked up their card at the bar yet. We are now at 95/500. Don't you have one yet? Then pick up your card at your next training session. You need an ARCARD in order to get your compensation refunded after your voluntary work. And that's not all, next season you will also get a discount with it! So pick it up quickly, register and activate it. 

SportparkWest comes together When you play rugby, you soon learn that you can't do it alone. You have to work together to win a match. 

And not only matches. Together you are stronger and you can learn from each other. That is why we recently invited board members of NFC (football) MHC (hockey) DVH (baseball/softball) for a board meeting in our boardroom. It was a great success. "Why haven't we done this before?" we heard from all sides. Now that we are in contact with each other, we can learn from each other, act together towards the municipality, the Amstelveen Sport, and look together for SportparkWest-wide projects.

The first project we are doing with the whole SPW, the Municipality of Amstelveen and Amstelveen Sport (we will reach about 2000 athletes) is the Pilot Inclusion of Alliantie Gelijkspelen. 

AG is an initiative of the John Blankenstein Foundation, with partners NOC/NSF, KNVB, KNHB and supported by Ministries OCW & VWS and has as its goal full acceptance of LGBT+ sportspeople. 

 ARC has more than 10 years of experience in this field, and we can certainly support other clubs on our sports park. But we can also learn a thing or two ourselves. 

That is the purpose of the Inclusion Pilot, which is now starting in Groningen, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Enschede and The Hague. We will tell you more soon.

Board, Extended Board and Committees now work together on intranet. 

We are moving forward! As part of the reorganisation, we are doing more and more digitally or online. A next step in this digital transformation is the online collaboration of our board volunteers and committee members. Where previously a lot was about What'sApp, emails and drive, we now come together on our Zoho Connect intranet. Different groups, documents, dividing tasks and working together on plans. This way, we work on knowledge in a central place, shorter lines, fewer messages and faster results. And with this, we are actively and critically looking at the right future solution for our club administration. And yes, of course we have also brought the administrators of hockey, football and softball together in their own groups so that we can switch faster here too.


Hey guys, as you all know it's November and that means only one thing: Movember. 

Besides looking a little crazy by growing as big a moustache as possible, it is also a very important time to raise awareness and support for men's (mental) health and suicide prevention. For this good cause, I would like to ask you to join the ARC Movember team in raising money for treatment and research around these issues. Last year we had a great performance by raising €1295 and became 2nd/3rd of all participating rugby teams in the Netherlands. Let's go for number 1 this year. Join us and click on the banner (also if you want to donate directly) 

- Bart van den Brink


ARC does more on MOVEMBER Last season only online, but from this season on, finally OFFline: the MOCAFÉ! 


MOCAFÉ is a safe space meeting where every man in the club can talk freely with other men. Because talking about feelings doesn't come naturally to every man, we do it together. Sometimes only another dude can understand you in you being a man, and sharpen you. Find your strength in your vulnerability. Does it work? Oh, trust us! The hours we spent really talking together have made for closer friendships and better spirits. Keep an eye on the socials for the next one! 



DIOK 50 jaar!

Our friends from DIOK in Leiden are celebrating their 50th anniversary. As we know ourselves, that does not happen without a fight and we congratulate them warmly. But wait... we received a present from former ARCer and now DIOK(er?) Léon Koenen. Jamél (team captain ARC 1) and Sjoerd (secretary a.i.) officially received the shirt on which both our logos will be displayed for eternity. Nice lads! 


Without your support there is no ARC 
Our club runs on volunteers, that much is known. We would like to thank them for their love and the hours they put in. However, we are often short of hands and our board and committee members often work 'overtime'. Please help us, we do it for each other. (or to earn your €50 back, also good) Please sign up at Sjoerd

Thank you ARCAID & Board sponsors 
We are also very happy with the parents and companies who sponsor us (or the companies of parents) Therefore we say "THANK YOU": Sylvia Bruinsma, Bart Nollen, Daniel Fontein, Dorien Grasjean-Eldering, Martijn Brand van Straaten, Chris van Oers, Erik Hengeveld, Maarten Inpijn, Michelle Borm, Maxim & Lucas Pauw, Café van Leeuwen, Hans Gilsing, Hein van Wingerden (Aannemersbedrijf van Schaik), Nick Gale, Truus Gale, Olga van de Weert, Dick Bruksvoort, Cris Gale, Henk Boelrijk, Lilly Buurke, Roald Rebel, Ekkelkamp family, Ilja Heitlager and Willem te Voortvis (Lindenhoff HERE).

Sponsorship event 9 October 

On October 9th, we had our first sponsor event of 2021. We would like to thank all our sponsors for attending, and in particular our newest sponsor Biltong, who provided us with Biltong all afternoon. For the tastiest and healthiest snacks, go HERE. Order easily online and your delivery will be delivered to your front door. Many members have already gone before you and received their order. We would also like to thank Erik and Bieke van der Meulen for their sociability and prolongation of the Kirkman Company sponsor board!

Would you also like to show your #BlueHart with a sponsorship?

We would love you to. And it's super easy: click on one of the images below and you will be taken directly to the secure payment page. After payment, you will immediately and automatically receive your invoice. We'll make sure you receive your welcome gift quickly: the ARCAID storm umbrella that keeps your hair dry even in winds of 100km/h. And we can go on doing more great things. Thank you very much! 

Would you like to sponsor a billboard? That is also possible, please contact Melvin at 



Is rugby fun? Hear it from Theyl. After 6 years of hockey I am now playing rugby. 

In September I, Theyl (11), started playing rugby at ARC as a complete rookie. I had played hockey for 6 years and wanted to take up another sport. Quite a scary step" I thought. But nothing could be further from the truth. The first few weeks were really great. I fell head over heels for the BBQ and was allowed to join the rugby camp straight away. It was a great way to get to know everyone. The games were great fun and the BBQ was delicious. The tent was one big mess. Of course we were all immediately quiet when we were asked to do that..... for the 4th or 5th time LOL. The best part was that we learned a real Haka. I will never forget that.

All the boys in the team want to help you in training and no one is surprised if you can't do something. That takes some getting used to. At a training session, there are always so many people who want to and can teach you something that you never have to be bored. Rudy, Rutger, Micky, Armin, Henk and all the fathers and mothers who sometimes join in make sure that every training session is a party. A party where you have to work hard and where you are often treated with sore muscles but sometimes also with something tasty. The latter happens for example when Rudy has lost a bet. Sometimes Rudy lets the fathers and mothers train with him for a bit. Then they have to kick or do push ups themselves. My parents had to get used to that.... and now I have to go by bike and they don't want to take me any more (just kidding). The very first time I was tackled at training, I saw stars for a moment. I was lifted up and came to a stop on the ground a second later. Coming to a standstill on the hard ground so suddenly is quite something. Everyone told me that I was one of the best tacklers in the team. I believe that because I had a headache for the rest of the week. But I had forgotten about it by the next training session. At least...the headache was forgotten, not the tackle LOL. I am so glad that I started playing rugby at ARC. Thanks to everyone for making the first few weeks such a great experience. On to many, many more great rugby memories. 

- Theyl Mooten

Do you also have headaches after a tackle? Then it is possible that you have a concussion. ALWAYS inform your trainer or coach and report to the physio. They will guide you further.


Head trauma training coaching staff 

Of course we already train according to the rules of the World Rugby Union when it comes to preventing head injuries, but we don't stop there. 

This week Fysio Holland will give a presentation to all trainers and coaches on how to deal with a possible concussion or head trauma and how to report this to the physio. 

Senior staff: Tuesday 18:30 -18:45 

Youth staff: Wednesday 17:30 - 17:45 

Attendance is mandatory for the training staff


Physiotherapy at the club 

Do you have problems with your knee, ankle, shoulder or back, are you injured during a game at the weekend and do you need advice? 
You can visit one of our physiotherapists. 

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.30pm a physiotherapist of Fysio Holland is at the club. 

For the youth every Wednesday from 5.30pm Valerie is present. You can also drop by the practice. Jarno Crijnen and Valerie are available for consultation at the (sports-specific)

Links & Contact

David is available under

Urgent? Call: 06-22401734.

Jarno is available under

Urgent? Call: 06-31934406

Valerie is available under

Urgent? Call: 06-16009846

More physio news 

Jarno, our head physio is going to Georgia for the next 2 months to coach the National Team there. What a challenge! Philip is 'stepping up' and will take over the function of head physio during that time. Congratulations guys!

Fysio Holland sponsors water bags/first aid kits 

Per team one is available. So pick them up next week in the physio room. Merci David Sherman!


A positive climate to play sports, something we all want 

(you can sharpen your Dutch. Eh, better than the first words my ex learned: 'pay up, pancake' from Toren C


Do you already have an ARC Values or Future Rugby Champion Shirt?


Some (sane) pics from Oktoberfest and Halloween

If you weren't there... shame on you. Be there next time. 

Mixed Ability Rugby of to a great start @ARC 

The MIXAR team started training on the Friday night slot at the club. Not only a great time for newbies with a chromosome more, or less, bionic legs or shining on the Spectrum, the fun starts when we mix 'm up with ARC players that know the ropes. 

So when you feel like coming to the club on a Friday and have a great experience, fun and help others learn the greatest sport in the world: come join us!

Come along on a Friday evening and join in the fun! MIXAR trains every Friday evening from 7:30 - 8:30.

Info? or HERE

This season we are going to get better acquainted with our Coaching Staff. Learn Samantha, our Forwards Coach of the Performance Squad.



Started judo at age 3, became top 5 of the Netherlands since age of 16. At 26 started to play rugby at AAC Amsterdam. In 2018 decided to go to England to play for Saracens, and became premiership champion. In 2019 got selected for Barbarians fc to play against the USA. Then came back and started coaching AAC u18 and forward coach boys u16 national squad.

Coaching Credentials 

(World Rugby and professional training) WR 2 and Coach level 3

What do I want to bring to the players?
Team cohesian, body awareness, and knowledge in the scrum

What will make this season a success for me?
If the boys know each other better then before I was a coach, and offcourse if we can hold 80% of own set pieces each game.

Which coach inspires me?
My favorite coach is Phil Jackson, 11 nba rings to his name. His way of coaching and inspiring his players is something I look up to.

Favourite rugby player of all time?
Kyle Sinckler. Humble off, and playing on the edge while on, the pitch.


Top Samantha, nice & short ;-) 'A Quick Game is A Good Game' 


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