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  • Editorial
  • We're looking for you, teammanager and handyperson
  • Inclusion Team Sport Park West clear next steps
  • Livestreamen. ARC TV? (2nd call out)
  • Top Level Meeting ARC & ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders
  • From Rugby Bums to Rugby Balls: the result
  • Getting up close with Ref Joost
  • Mini's are giving it to Alkmaar

Editorial - OPEN.

And so suddenly we were 'open' again. What a strange sensation!
EJ (Lowlander's event manager and member of the ARC Inclusion Team) invited me to join some other LL's for a drink on Friday night. I don't know about you, but being in a pub again for the first time was a bit of a shock. It was nice to have a drink together again and to chat. "Hi, do you come here often?" -My God, that was really almost 2 years ago!

Also the club is open again. We play matches again, we can have a drink at the bar and 'sit together' again, because apart from being rugby players (who are always close anyway), it is very necessary for our mental health that we cuddle a bit again. I don't think I speak only for myself when I say that I have missed that a lot in the past two years. We are a social race, we humans. We need to be with others. Whether it's to be reflected upon, to learn to see things from a different angle, or just for a hug. We learn from each other. And that was really more difficult in recent years.

We have also become more open as people. About how we feel. Apart from the spiritual growth of friends in my immediate environment, the Covid crisis seems to have led to an enormous amount of introspection for people in the club as well. What is really important? What can I do without? What do I believe about myself? We were also able to discuss some of these issues with a number of men during the previous MOCAFÉ: showing up, accountability. First for yourself, but also for your team and club.
Because your actions have an effect. And you'd better make sure it's a positive one. Because by being your own best version, you also give others the space (or example) to be fully themselves.

Imagine how much human potential and positive change you... open up.

-Robert, Marcom

The team manager is the responsibility of the TC. The tasks of the team manager are broad. It is recommended that team managers ask players or parents or volunteers present in the club to perform certain tasks structurally or ad-hoc. The goal is to facilitate the men's team in such a way that they can optimally focus on training and matches.
Core tasks Team manager
- First point of contact for team members
- Manages the list of players and attendance
- Takes care of the smooth logistics of the team's rugby activities
- Team budget management
- Regular consultation with the coaching staff and TC Function requirements
- Good communication skills in Dutch and English
- Aptitude and affinity for administrative skills
- You have overview and ensure that delegated tasks are properly carried out
- Flexible attitude (going along to matches) and immune to stress
- Good interaction with volunteers

The Equipment Manager is responsible to the TC, but is in principle not charged with any tasks other than providing and maintaining the equipment.
Time commitment
- On average 2-3 hours per week
- Regular presence on training nights and match days
Details of tasks
- Supervise the proper use of equipment, address teams about their responsibilities
- Identify the needs of the teams and report to TC
- Carry out maintenance of the equipment (or have it carried out)


Don't have it yet? Then get it now, your very own ARCARD.

You'll need it to receive your volunteer's compensation and you'll also get a discount with it. (in the future)

Ask for it at the bar, and the barman will tick off your name. Then click on the ARCARD on the right to put it in your name. Just DO IT.


The Road Ahead is Clear

"Inclusive Sports'', ''inclusion'', ''everyone feels at home'' are all nice terms, but without really diving into them, they remain just...terms.
And, in case you're thinking 'aren't you putting a bit much emphasis on queer folk? Let me tell you that we are working to make everyone feel at home at ARC. Nationality, gender, preference, chromosome more or less, religion do not matter. If you love rugby and recognize yourself in our values then you belong with us. But yes, this Inclusive Sports Pilot is deliberately approached from the LHBTIQ+ angle.

On 28 March and 4 April, for example, a total of 4 focus groups are planned, which will be professionally led by the Mulier Institute.
Here we will listen and discuss with boards, trainers & coaches and queer members of the different clubs (when they have queer folk) about what we need and how we can start making associations such that everyone feels at home.

In April there will be workshops for the boards, and for the coaches and trainers. At the end of the season, we want to organise an event for the entire sports park where the Municipality of Amstelveen, the Sportbedrijf, the Alliantie Gelijkspelen 4.0 and the JBF will also participate and we want to declare SportParkWest Inclusive.

For the new season, we will support the inclusion of inclusiveness in the clubs' policy and the municipality of Amstelveen will pay extra attention to the results of this Pilot during the National Sports Week. If everything goes according to plan, we will not only have come closer together as a sports park and learned about how to make everyone feel at home, but other municipalities and sports clubs, and ultimately, of course, ordinary sportsmen and women like us, will be able to make use of the learning process and the pointers. A great prospect!

2nd call!  No project lead, no livestreams.

ARC thinks the time is ripe to start livestreaming our matches. We want to find out more about this with someone who can shape this project.

Therefore we are looking for a Project Lead Livestream who:

  • Can gather information (hardware and pay-off/effect for ARC) and present/transmit this in a clear way Is
  • digitally literate, perhaps has experience, or wants to find out and is curious about what is possible Is creative and wants to
  • work on the design of the livestream and content (think of interviews, commentary, before-and-after discussions)
  • Has a 'doer' mentality and is a problem solver will build a team around him/her
  • commits to a minimum of 1, but preferably 2 years, to train the next Livestream Lead
More info with Robert, Marcom


ARC en ARC Amsterdam Lowlanders - Top Level Talks

In the previous STUDS, we already talked about the research conducted by four sports management students of Utrecht University on the cooperation between the ARC Lowlanders and ARC. And that was a good opportunity to use the results as a kick-off for what turned out to be a good, solid discussion which came at the right moment. The board of the Lowlanders and the Extended Board of ARC had been invited by the ARC Inclusion Team to get together around the table.

How inclusive are we really?
Even though we have had Lowlanders in the ARC ranks for almost 14 years now, how inclusive are we really? We are often seen as 'Inclusion Best-Practice' but are we really? It did not take long before there was a lot on the table from all sides. And what soon became clear is that we have spoken far too little directly to each other in recent years. This has led to a distance, frustration and perhaps sometimes even disinterest. Not good at all.

Fortunately, we turned out to be more alike than we thought and we faced the same challenges. So we all decided that we would support each other more in the coming period and keep the lines of communication short. Because fair is fair, there is room for improvement, but fortunately we are now much closer together. And so last weekend, Robert was also officially present at the Lowlander GMA on Sunday afternoon (besides going out with a group of Lowlanders on Friday night) where I explained more about the Pilot Inclusive Sports and let those who are not so familiar with ARC know that everyone is welcome. More in next STUDS.

Thom (captain), Marc (sec)  & Pieter (vz)

(front) Paul en Corrie, proud supporters and parents of ARC 3 player Paddy Bart (✝️2017)


From Rugby Bums to Rugby Balls

Well, it's safe to say that the ball campaign for the youth, organised by Karin, was a great success!

No less than €2329.77 was raised!

And that means we were able to buy no less than 130 new rugby balls. Look at them! They are still a bit lifeless, but with a little air in them and a few happy children's hands, they are absolutely fantastic.

There are 20 new balls for each youth team, and of the remaining balls, about 10 per team go to the seniors.
Thanks to all the grandparents, parents and caretakers who contributed and to Karin, Diederik and Gert-Jan for the energy.


What's your call, Ref?

We asked Joost Puijpe a few questions regarding being a referee at ARC. He is one of the 12 registered referees of the club, a board member, a player, a coach, a father to some and a friend to many of the club members.

Here's what he had to say.
1) How did you decide to become a referee? At youth games I got annoyed by the level of refereeing. So I decided to do it myself. Based on the comments I've had I did better than a lot. If you want to teach youth proper rugby you should put your best referees at those games.
2) How do you feel when you are refereeing a game?
I'd like to use the whistle as less as possible. Trying to let the game flow. That’s what I like as a player and its not diffrent when I'm refereeing.
3) What do you think your work adds to the game?
Hopefully enjoyment for all involved. Players, coaches, referee and spectators.
4) Do you feel appreciated as a referee and recognized by players and other members of ARC? I think we, as a club, can do more about recognition of our staff and special members. Who are our referees, who are our (old-) internationals (youth as well), who are our coaches, who are our teamcaptains, who are our boardmembers and so on and so on.
5) Do you have an anecdote that happen to you as a referee ?
A team at Ameland beach rugby asked if I could just use the game time and nothing extra. To my question why, they said their ladies team were already skinny dipping in the sea and waiting for them to join…


Mini's schticking it to Alkmaar

The last games were played on 12 February in Alkmaar. The weather was nice and cold, good rugby weather. It were 3 nice matches, we gave the opponents enough challenge. And we won all the matches.
Monday we start training again after a week of holiday. Looking forward to it!
To finish off, Boris leaves us with his favorite jokes.

- Boris Ekkelkamp (2e year's mini)


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