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Thank you David !

It is with regret that we would like to announce that David Lipman (currently Head Coach of the Performance Squad) will be leaving his position at the end of May 2021 due to professional commitments.David announced his decision to the Performance Squad in an online meeting. On behalf of the whole club we would like to thank him for his tireless work in these difficult times and wish him well in his new role.David will not be leaving Amsterdam and we hope to see him in and around the club in the near future and to thank him in a more appropriate way in presence of all members.For the season 2021/ 2022 we are pleased to announce that Chris Joor will take on the role of Head Coach and that he will be joined by Keith Muirhead who was introduced to the squad in the online call. Together with David's support we continue to work on strengthening this coaching team for next season and more announcements will follow shortly.


Dutch rugby men book - Historical victory

Video summary match NL- BE 


You win, we win ! 

Do you like to gamble?

Then you probably know the National Sports Lottery. If you buy a ticket or tickets, you also support us. That's great! 

The club receives a number of requests for clinics in and around Amstelveen. These clinics help create a positive image of the club and help grow our membership. During the summer, Amstelveen would like to host a number of clinics for both youth and older members of the community. We would like to put together a group that would be interested in teaching these clinics (depending on your availability).  Let the TC know if you are interested at


Each month we take one of our ARC Rugby Values and ask people in the club how they identify with it. This month: Passion. Because, every person's heart beats for rugby, right?

Sylvia Bruinsma - Ex Secretary - Team manager ARC 1 and player All Blues / Fitness Trainer Amstelveense Rugby Club 3

"Passion at Amstelveense Rugby Club  We go for it: A rugby team is only as strong as its weakest link, so we go to great lengths every match from the first to the last minute to win it together. Furthermore, rugby is a lifestyle so not just during the game or at the club."

Ziggy Pengelly - Player of the first hour All Blues Ladies / and at times even Amstelveense Rugby Club 3

“Passion is the drive to be and become better as a player, but also as a human being. Nowhere have I experienced this more than at Amstelveense Rugby Club."

Carlos Fitzsimons - Player of ARC3 & Wanderers / Assistant coach / Member of the ARC3 management team

"Passion is a strong commitment to a cause, combined with the will to act on this commitment. I relate passion with ARC in the sense that the club provides a safe and friendly place to act on our commitment to rugby. At the club there are countless opportunities to act, participate and feel useful to yourself and others."

Robert Fennis - Head of Marketing, Communications & Relations, former ARC 2 player and former Lowlander

"Passion in rugby for me means the drive to give your all as best you can, having fun, for your team, the club and rugby in general." 


Do you want to show what you're made of? Then tap your ARC Club Values shirt now. 


Season's End Golfing at Golf Amsteldijk

Afraid this season would end without a big bang? Wrong! On Friday, July 9, we will celebrate our season finale and go for an afternoon of golf at Golf Amsteldijk! The program starts at 15:00. The afternoon will have a diverse program and will conclude with a BBQ at the club. The goal is to close the season together, as far as this is allowed and responsible. The proceeds will go to the pot for next season, which is needed to expand the gym facilities, purchase new balls and upgrade the boardroom, among other things. This day is made possible by a well known name within the club, Ger Loogman, and the organic farm Lindenhoff, who you of course remember from the Easter Beer and Wine campaign earlier this year. Thank you very much for your support! The program consists of a Toptracer, closest to the pin, putting contest, and a 3-hole match.  No clubs? No problem, these can be rented at the golf course. After the golf program, we will walk to the club, where our BBQ team will be ready with a delicious meal and a well-deserved drink! The best Toptracer, putter and 3-hole golfer will receive their trophies at the club. There are 40 tickets available for this event and we can offer them to you for €50. Reserve your spot by paying via the link below.  We will see you at Golf Amsteldijk!

-The sponsors committee.


TBM summer camp

On Thursday and Friday, August 19 & 20, ARC will host the TBM Summer Camp. Games, Clinics, Movie and BBQ's. Enjoy your new team bonding before the new season starts. More info soon on the social channels. 


Foreign top players from the past salute you (part 2) 

The Georgian Connection

(For the actual facts and exact dates, I would like to refer to the 2 fantastic anniversary books of our club, "NFC 1963-1988" (At the Rijksmuseum, available for inspection😉 ) and "Amstelveen Rugby Club 50 Jaar 1963-2013", which must still be available at the club)

Every rugby player (m/f) can talk endlessly about their favourite rugby tour, and about the unique moments there. In these strange times, where travel is hugely restricted, you sense the urge to travel again - especially by way of a rugby tour. Of course, our club history is filled with trips and tours to the various 6 nations cities and World Cup rugby-Walhalla’s, and many other exotic places on earth. This was true in the early years of our clubs in the 60's and will be true soon again with new ideas once we get rid of this frustrating C%^&#%. Club members have played rugby on all continents, either in one of the various national selections or simply with our own club on tour. We usually seek out an ex-player who invites us there, or an enthusiast raises a hand and tells the rest where we are going, and more recently the 'Derek Penning' tours, have become something of a cult, including the daily, quite scary court sessions. In a previous issue I wrote about the unique Wanderers trip to Cuba, but 1 other country comes to mind immediately as perhaps the most unique location for an ARC tour, a country that has even been visited by our club twice already, namely Georgia.

The first Georgia tour by the founders of our club led by honorary member Dick Jansma was just after their local war with Russia in 1990 and even now the stories are very vivid. Just ask Karel Geel, and see if his eyes do not water. Former ARC coach and member of merit Johan Bennewitz looks back on it briefly: "For me it one of the most bizarre tours ever. 1 year after their war with Russia. Grenade and bomb craters everywhere. The hotel we were supposed to stay at was cancelled because there were 5 dead bodies on the stairs after a shooting. We had the Commissioner of Police as our host and guide who opened all doors for us, e.g. by informing a restaurant that had just closed that if they did not open again immediately, they would never open again. The match was in the biggest stadium in Tbilisi. Lost to guys twice our size. Dick Jansma turning the bus around for the driver who was drinking vodka and we almost drove into a ravine. We saw a lot: illegal champagne distilleries with hundreds of thousands of bottles, illegal horse races. So we also sniffed out some culture". See a further newspaper report from 1990 and a pennant of our opponents there.

I have taken on various tasks at the club myself, but the Tbilisi rugby trip later in 1996 was the only time I organized a rugby tour, supported in the early stages by the then already gorgeous and very committed Claudette Emanuels, who negotiated well and wrote club history as the first woman ever to go on tour with the men. The starting point for us was to take a serious selection of players, costing max 200 guilders all-in per man for 1 week of Georgia, and to make it possible in this way for everyone to go. With many sponsorships and unique actions, including a return invitation, we succeeded in this.

At that time, nephews Nodar Andguladze and Vasil Abashidze played in our first team. Both still late teenagers, who would later go on to represent their national team together in the three-quarter line, and were at the root of Georgian rugby's tremendous rise to their current number-12 spot in the world IRB rugby rankings. Nodar's father was also a director of Georgian Airways with an office at Schiphol Airport, so as you can understand a very handy contact and co-sponsor of this tour. Of course they helped us enormously in those pre-internet days and all three of them travelled with us, which, believe me, given the necessary guidance in that beautiful but challenging country, turned out to be no unnecessary luxury. 

For a full report, I refer to our more recent anniversary book (where I noticed that the photo is from the 1990 tour and the entertaining piece written by Steven de Best is about the 1996 tour), but here are a few funny and naughty highlights about the 1996 trip: 

  • We flew in a Tupolev (old model, including a glass dome at the front of the cockpit)-        During the stopover in Prague we crawled out through the baggage compartment and played touch rugby on the runway…
  • Rules on board were not too strict, Jeroen Dekker for example experienced the landing at Tbilisi lying face first in the above mentioned glass domeTogether with the Maestro Gerrit Dekker (head coach) 
  • I was interviewed live on TV upon arrival at the airport. I am still looking for the footage, as given the many vodkas on board, it must have been quite a good story we told haha
  • At our host families, the parents of our opponents often sacrificed their master bedroom to sleep on the couch themselves... well how welcome can you be, and imagine this the other way around
  • At a grand reception dinner hosted by the Minister of Defence (we were playing against the military team), we were served a pig's head with all the trimmings.......hmmmm there was mostly vodka drunk, and we toasted every 15 minutes to just about everyone we knew up to and including the Queen During the match the stadium was packed, they were slightly stronger, result is completely unimportant
  • You had to be careful that while you were studying the bullet holes in the walls, you didn't step into a crater in the road
  • Toilet paper was worth its weight in gold
  • The Maestro Gerrit Dekker had been offered too much Vodka before the game (old tactic?), and he even stood in the field of play briefly during the game in jacket and tie, grabbed Nils Lauffer and myself and while the game continued around us, he said "gentlemen look around you, this is the most beautiful thing in the world". 
  • In Georgian rugby the head coach is the only one who really counts, the rest is made up around this position....His short dinner speech surrounded by lots of Bobo’s at the head table, struggling to get up and pointing to the ceiling: "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire" I will take to the grave with me. One of the away games was a little further than we initially realized and even involved an overnight stay, our then chairman Ad van der Weerd was not really dressed for it, although those boxer shorts looked "cool" on him.
  • We were very popular in the top disco in Tbilisi, especially as we took along a few shopping carts filled with green Heineken export bottles and handed them out to all the hip clubbers. 
I could go on for hours, but space is limited. And although the above highlights (read them at the bottom of the text) may seem a bit spoiled and typical for the neutral reader, let me add right away that I have rarely experienced such a reception and hospitality, that these people are very passionate about things powerful, but at the same time very warm, hospitable and sympathetic, and not to mention possessed, even then, with of our noble sport. What a hospitality, which takes on an even greater meaning, when you see and know that they gave it their all, when they themselves did not have it all too good.In 1997 they visited us back in Amstelveen with 40 people, and I will never forget their faces as they arrived and gazed at all the splendour of Schiphol Airport. .......

We received them all free of charge in large tents at our own accommodation, and took good care of them for a week, within the circumstances, with day trips, dinners and parties. But I thought then, would it not have been more appropriate or rugby-like to take them into our home as well.....As we all know by now, the Netherlands won the crucially important playoff match against Belgium on May 29, and the first challenge on their schedule in the highest and prestigious RUGBY EUROPE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 pool is yes.... you guessed it right…. the toughest away match on June 26 this year to Tbilisi against Georgia....I already feel a tour in the making somewhere....I asked 2 unique ex Amstelveen members and Georgians Nodar Andguladze and Giorgi Chubinidze to say hello. Nodar is now Head of Social Projects at the Georgia Rugby Union. He provides sport activities to young offenders, teaching them the values and codes of rugby and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

In partnership with UN Women, he has brought advocacy efforts of the UN Secretary General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign to international rugby matches, press conferences, PSAs and TV commercials.

He has lead efforts to train rugby players on becoming male advocates for ending violence against women and held Sportsmen talks with boys in schools and at games. He also runs the Sports Medicine Clinic in Tbilisi, and manages the Georgian National Sevens Team. He was himself a member of the Georgian National Rugby Team, the Georgian Men’s Sevens Team, and the Rugby League National Team. He studied at the University of Amsterdam and the Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations. Giorgi we only got to know years later at the club, when Amstelveen was actually in trouble and unfortunately had to trade the honorary league for the first league on a more regular basis. A unique guy, who in his first game immediately impressed all by single-handedly running through the entire AAC team from flyhalf. A very friendly guy who I also count among my friends and who, before and after his short stay in Amstelveen, has won his spurs on and around the rugby field as coach/player of various foreign teams. As you can imagine, he was honoured when I asked him to record a video and say hello. What wonderful nation of people they are. I recommend every ambitious first team player to get top fit quickly, play yourself into the national selection and be there in Tbilisi on June 26. - Chris

Georgians Nodar Andguladze & Giorgi Chubinidze

Left: Video from Nodar Andguladze

Right: Video from Giorgi Chubinidze


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